Removals to Sweden

More Than Removals to Sweden and Scandinavia

As one of The North East’s leading European removal companies, we are offering an increasingly regular service to a variety of European removal destinations. In the past month, we have carried out removals to Sweden, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

We offer two different but similar services when it comes to European removals, our part-load (groupage) service, and our dedicated load. The difference only lies in the amount of space available on the lorry, and the speed in which you require your belongings to arrive at your destination. 

1. Part-Load (Groupage) Service

With this service we will collect clients goods to be delivered to Europe at our Newcastle storage facility, plan a route through Europe and then deliver each individual consignment along the way. We also aim to bring goods back from European countries to the UK. With this service we are able to keep prices low, as the costs of journeying to Europe in a 36 tonne lorry are spread over a number of customers. Our European removals groupage service is ideal if you don’t have a vast amount of goods to be transported, and have flexibility in the dates you require your items. 

2. Dedicated Service

As the name suggests, it is your and your items only that are on the lorry! We will load up at your current property (in the UK or in Europe) and then travel directly to your destination to unload. 

Moving to Sweden

An increasingly popular route of ours in to Sweden and Scandinavia. With this European removal service, we have two options. The first and quickest, aimed at dedicated loads, is via ferry from Immingham, in Lincolnshire, to Gothenburg. It may be that we have other consignments, and of course depending on load space on the lorry, can deliver these en route, in which case we would make the long drive through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and into Sweden.