European Packing Service

With the larger distances involved with moving to Mainland Europe, we recommend our full packing service to ensure that your belongings are as secure as possible for the duration of the journey. As with UK removals, our crew will arrive in advance to meticulously pack our removals boxes with your goods, labelling each one and placing it in the corresponding location in your new property.

With European moves, we always recommend our full packing service, to ensure that your goods are packed to the highest possible standards, and to make the most use of the available space on vehicles, bringing the price down to you. 

Our packing crews are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of packing and wrapping your belongings in the most secure, and efficient way possible, minimising the likelihood of any damage, and taking the additional stress from yourselves.

It is often underestimated how time consuming packing is, especially when you are living in the property as you are packing. One of the main benefits of opting for our packing service is that you can leave your entire property exactly as it is until the day before your European removal. The crew will then arrive to pack everything, but of course leave out any essential items you will require before departing, and pack these as the last things to be loaded onto the lorry.

It goes without saying, be organised and make sure you know where all important documents and items such as passports are.

A further benefit of us packing is that each and every item within the boxes is fully insured for any breakage, something we are unable to offer when you pack boxes yourself.