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Moving further afield? From the North of Scandinavia to the South coasts of Italy and Spain, as one of Newcastle’s leading European removal companies, our vehicles and crews are regularly on the continent carrying out removals to Europe. Whilst a move to a foreign country may seem like a daunting prospect, we’re well-rehearsed and our teams in the office and on the road are able to guide you through every step of the European removal process. 

The first stage as with any removal is for us to come out to see you at your current home for the removal survey, to gain a full understanding of your requirements and time scales, as well as to take an accurate estimation of the volume of goods to be moved. At this stage please do feel free to ask any questions you may have, and we will highlight all of the services we offer from our packing services, through to dismantling and reassembly, moving cars and motorbikes and insurance.

Depending of the volume of goods  to be moved, and how flexible you can be on timescales and dates, we offer two different services. The first, aimed primarily at larger moves is our dedicated load service, where your goods will be loaded, transported directly and unloaded by the same crew over a number of days. The second, our groupage service, is aimed mainly at smaller part removals, where the vehicle space is shared by a number of smaller consignments. 

Removals to Europe aren’t that much more complex than moving within the UK, save a trip on the ferry and the greater driving distance. There are no customs clearances or import taxes to worry about. Naturally with Brexit and the result of the vote back in the summer, at some-point in the future the European removals process may change, but for the time-being at least everything is as it was before. 

One exception to the rule is removals to Switzerland, as they are not a member of the EU, the customs and import tax process is a bit more long-winded and complex, requiring a clearing agent but our experienced European removal experts in the office will be able to help all the way through.